Saturday, June 13, 2009

A Quick Update

Right now it is Saturday morning. We are being lazy and watching cartoons. Yesterday my mother-in-law went back home to Baton Rouge and I am excited about getting back to "normal"

I saw the plastic surgeon yesterday morning. I was hoping he would remove the last two drains that I have stuck on me because I really want to be able to just take a shower and dress in my regular clothes without having to disguise the two giant lumps attached to me. Unfortunately, I still have quite a bit of fluid draining so he felt like I needed to keep them for another week. He was afraid that if he took them out and I got fluid built up, they would have to go back and put them back in. I do agree that does not sound pleasant at all. So I will keep them till Thursday when I have to go back to surgery. While I am under, they can remove both but the left side will be replaced with another one for this surgery. So it looks like I will spend most of my summer wearing baggy clothing.

I go back to the plastic surgeon in 3 weeks and I think he is going to start "filling me up." These tissue expanders are not comfortable. I fill like I have rocks tightly strapped to my chest but it just part of the process. I shouldn't complain because I at least have this opportunity to get my body looking back to normal and I know it will all be worth it in the end.

I also got a call from an oncologist yesterday. I have an appointment to meet with him on July 1st. The lady on the phone gave me his name but I didn't ask how to spell the name so I can't tell you who it is. I do know he is part of Tennessee Oncology and he is located at Summit Hospital in Hermitage. I will let you know more about him after I meet him.

So yesterday was not my best day. I was disappointed about not getting my drains out so that was a real bummer. The call from the oncology office made chemo seem so real. I ended up with a bad tension headache and I just could not do anything except lay around. Kevin was home most of the day but he had to leave for a couple of hours. I was quite miserable but at least the kids were quiet even though they just watched TV all day. So today is going to be better. I am going to get up and take a shower and get my house back in order. Faith has a friend coming over to play with her and John Derrick is going to annoy them. Life is good.


  1. Life is good, and praise God we get to live. I hurt for you, and wish there was something I could do to help you out. You have been an inspiration to me as you go through this. Yeah, the drains me a nuisance, and chemo seems pretty real at this point, but God is there and is with you every step of the way.

  2. It was so good to see you last week!! You looked like a ray of sunshine, it made my day to see your smiling face.

    Everything is going to work out on it's on, you just rest & enjoy your family & keep it as normal as possilbe. We're here if you need us.


  3. Hello Mary Anne,
    I am Lisa Thomas' sister and Kent and Adelia Hall's daughter-in-law Laura. I was just where you are last year about this time. Yes- those expanders are no fun, but will be worth it in the end. Get you some loose fitting summer tops and remember to rest. The TLC direct catalog has some great hats and bandanas that aren't too hot. You will get through this with the help of God and your amazing friends. I can already see you have a fabulous support network, just remember to let them help you. You are on my prayer list!